Umunna Men's Cultural Masquerade Group

The Umunna Men's Cultural Masquerade Group is made up of male members of the association regardless of their age.

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UmunnaThe group is availabe to perform at any community or/and cultural events with at least 4-6 weeks advance notice. A typical performance may include all five items listed below.

Our nominal fee depends on the package selected by the client

>> Play authentic Igbo musical rhythms without the masquerade

>> Play authentic rhythms accompained by the masquerade

>> Demonstrate the value and sound of each instrument

>> Explain the significance of each instrument in the Igbo culture

>> Provide hands-on experience for the audience.

We live and enjoy our culture ... from the men's masquerade groups to the instruments we use. Not forgetting our women's cultural groups. We stay grounded in the culture we are so proud of. Listed below are some web links to get you involved.

>> Click here to view and listen to some key Igbo musical instruments

>> Please click here to view the pictures of our three masquerade and listen to the unique rhythm of each masquerade

>> Authentic Igbo Musical Instruments.

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